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Create Stunning Data Visualizations

Unlock the power of your data with our expert data visualization services.

Our Services

Our Design Process

We develop data visualizations that are both informative and captivating in our design approach.

Gathering Insights

Our design journey begins with collecting valuable data and insights from our clients.

Shaping the Vision

Ideas transform into tangible visuals, blending creativity and strategy seamlessly.

Technical Design Mastery

This is where we roll up our sleeves and bring the creative vision to life with precision.

Integration for Impact

We seamlessly integrate our designs into the platforms that matter most to you.

Your Power BI Design Partner

Design of dashboard for Power Bi

Your Power Point Design Partner

Design of PowerPoint slide

Your SaaS Design Partner

Design of page for SaaS

Your Excel Design Partner

Design of Excel spreadsheet page

Data Can Be Complicated, But It Doesn't Have to Be

We use our data analysis, visualization, and design expertise to create beautiful and informative data stories with Power BI.

Elevate Data Presentation

We harness Power BI's capabilities to transform your data into visually stunning and comprehensible presentations.

Making the Complex Look Simple

We use Power BI to create data visualizations that are informative and easy to understand.

Affordable And Scalable

Experience the cost-effective scalability of Power BI tailored to your business.

Collaborate With Your Team

Effortless team collaboration with our Power BI designs. Share insights seamlessly.

Integrate with your data sources

Leverage your existing data sources for impactful insights through Power BI's versatile connectivity.

Transforming Data into Valuable Insights

We turn raw data into actionable insights and captivating visualizations, helping you make informed decisions.

Custom Dashboard Design

Tailor-made Power Bi dashboards designed to meet your specific business needs.

Data Visualization Expertise

Transform complex data into visually engaging and informative charts.

Interactive Reports

Create interactive reports that allow users to explore data and gain insights intuitively.

Data Analytics

Access up-to-the-minute data for timely decision-making and monitoring.

Customized Templates

Design of custom report templates for consistent branding and reporting.

Mobile-Friendly Dashboards

Design of responsive Power BI dashboards that work seamlessly on mobile devices.

Igor Silchenko


I am a skilled analyst, able to put together effective yet simple marketing and business development tools.

About The Expert

I am a skilled expert with over 15 years of proven track record creating pitch decks for large enterprises, entrepreneurs and startups.

I am also co-founder of the NutsDev agency, where the best team of designers  craft cool stuff under my leadership. Would love to help you with your challenges.

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Where Data Meets Impact

Powerful Pitch Decks for Winning Presentations

Visual Storytelling Mastery

Captivate your audience with visually compelling narratives that make your pitch memorable and impactful.

Clear Communication

Efficiently condense complex information into clear, concise slides that effectively convey your message.

Professional Impressions

Demonstrate professionalism and enhance your credibility by presenting polished and well-designed pitch materials.


What Clients Say About Us

Sarah Johnson

Igor is incredibly talented and has a comprehensive and astute understanding of Business, include Business Models, Strategy, Sales and Psychology. He worked in a consultative fashion with me to craft an amazing 25 slide pitch deck from scratch. We started by discussing the vision and the worked collaboratively together thru multiple iterations until the project was complete. I highly recommend Igor for any Sales/Business Presentations and/or Pitch Decks.

Michael Davis

Igor is a very professional marketer with a good theoretical and practical background. I like him for having his own point of view which he always can justify. At the same time he is extremely diplomatic and easy to communicate with. It was a pleasure to work with Igor and I felt that we were a real team together.

John Miller

I am honored to have worked with such a professional as Igor is. He is constructive, confident and exactly knows what he is doing while pursuing a goal. That is why he always achieves his aims. As a person he is very positive, polite. Usually it's a great pleasure to have conversations with him. Working with Igor is meant to be successful as he is a big professional and a great person as well.

James Smith

I highly recommend Igor and his team for your next presentation portfolio. Communication was great throughout the project, he made sure to understand the goal of the project and every key point needed and also added valuable information. Igor went above and beyond the project and has given me tips and advice for my progression! The information and design within my pitch deck has also been great, it highlights key points and information great demographics and images! Im Very happy with the end product.

Jessica Anderson

Igor is good professional with objective and constructive approach to any business projects. Igor can fill perspective idea in any project and lead whole department (working group) to understanding of this idea with courtesy to all participants. Igor always support colleagues and inspire them for more productive and creative work, what is very important for best leadership.

Emma White

Igor undoubtedly is a high-class professional. He looks at things from the only true point of view (if to speak about business) - consumer's point of view, excluding both excessive technical details and bureaucratic narrow-mindedness. Igor is calm and resolute during stressful situations, he always persists in his opinion if considers it useful for business. In addition, he is cheerful and very pleasant person.

Emily Williams

Excellent quality of work, customer service, and deliverable. Would hire again!

David Brown

Igor is a top-notch professional. I can recommend him as perfect contractor.

Olivia Taylor

I have worked with Igor both as a colleague and as a business partner, and hold him in the highest esteem for the quality of work he does. Igor has continuosly demonstrated sharp business acumen, strategic thinking and result-orientation in the projects that we did together. He is not afraid to work with new challenges and tasks, and is always available for consultations or help. I would definitely recommend Igor for strategic positions in marketing, sales and business development.

Christopher Clark

I know Igor as very responsible, goal-seeking, organised, reliable and active collaborator. Also, Igor - is effective team-player and diplomatic person.

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